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Give the gift of calm and peace.

Your gift box includes

Elderberry Tonic by New Moon Tea Co. The ingredients used in the tonic are all high quality, dried herbs, fruits and spices in original form. No powders are used. Elderberry’s are loaded with immune building vitamins and are safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Help yourself and your family stay healthy with this superfood tonic.

Face Cloth by Wild Grace. This 100% organic face cloth is ideal for gentle removal of cleansing oil. A truly soft, beautiful cloth.

Sage Smudge Stick from Dragon Moon. Burning sage (smudging or sage-ing) is an ancient spiritual ritual. It is purifying, releases negative ions, can be a spiritual tool, may dispel negative energy, it can help improve mood, help soothe stress, may improve sleep quality. It is a chemical free air freshener. Light your sage smudge stick and let the peace and benefits it brings wash over you and your space.

Wild Grace  Facial Kansa Wand. This tool provides a sacred means for facial ( and wholebody) rejuvenation, harnessing your inherent vibration. A gentle massage of the face with Kansa directs life-force energy to open marma points  ( Ayurvedic vitality points on the body) to tune the subtle energies and impart a rosy glow. The face appears more open, relaxed, clear and vibrant, with less puffiness. Massaging your face with the Kansa Wand feels like a warm hand releasing releasing tension in the jaw, temples, cheekbones, and third eye. Relax...

Temper and Lace Candle. All of Temper and Laces candles are made with phthalate and paraben free fragrance oils or pure essentials oils to bring you the cleanest burning candles. The fragrances are never overpowering. Wooden wicks come from FCS certified mills. The soy wax is made in Canada. And never blended with paraffin additives or preservatives. They are simply beautiful and come in a glass container perfect for many uses afterwards.

Hadaka Butterful Marula Butter Cream. This body butter will leave your skin feeling lustrous, smooth, soft and silky. It will replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Take your time to massage it into damp skin after a shower or bath.